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Responsive FileManager 9.14.0 is a free open-source file manager and image manager made with the jQuery library, CSS3, PHP and HTML5 that offers a nice and elegant way to upload and insert files, images and videos.
You can use it as external plugin for TinyMCE version 4.x(and older), CKEditor and CLEditor, you can also use it as a stand-alone file manager to manage and select files.
The script automatically creates thumbnails of images for the preview list and can create also external thumbnails to use in your cms or site.
It can be configured for automatic resizing of uploaded images or to automatically limit the size.
You can personalize the configuration for each folder.
You can set a subfolder as the root and change the configuration for each user, page or FileManager call.
Is compatible with multi-user mode and you can edit images with aviary editor, sorting files.

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Changes in Version 9.14.0 (2019/05/02)

- add support to tinymce 5 (thanks to mikolaj pich)
- change image editor to Toast UI Image Editor (thanks to jack denning)
- fix Critical Security (thanks to Fariskhi Vidyan for reporting)
- add ckEditor on html file edit
- update context menu (thanks to joshua schmidtke)
- fix upload an image with malicius code inside
- added compatibility with memory_limit expressed in G
- fix relative url return
- fix error on file duplication
- fix error with memory usage (thanks to tim mclaughlin)
- fix a vulnerability on url upload (thanks to donot-wong for reporting)
- fix return on upload in same cases
- other fixes (thanks to all for reporting)

Changes in Version 9.13.4 (2018/08/13)

- s- fix Directory Traversal Allows to Read Any File (thanks to Simon Uvarov for reporting)
- fix Path Traversal While Upacking Archives (thanks to Simon Uvarov for reporting)
- Fix foreach warning on URL upload
- Fix http https URL upload
- add toggle on config for extract_files
- prevent image creation for broken links in URL upload (thanks to davodavodavo3)
- Migrate to yarn on development (thanks to mklkj)
- code refactoring

Changes in Version 9.13.3 (2018/08/05)

- support to files without extension
- fix Path Traversal vulnerability and url validation
- fix vulnerability that permits to see server files
- fix double file and folder rename
- refactoring
- update Hungarian, German and Thai languages
- fix nested php tags in download permission
- change jPlayer script to cdn

Changes in Version 9.13.2 (2018/07/19)

- empty filename support (like .htaccess, .env,...)
- fix download bug
- refactoring check extension

Changes in Version 9.13.1 (2018/06/09)

- folder creation fix
- blacklist fix
- php < 5.6 compatibility fix

Changes in Version 9.13.0 (2018/06/03)

- multiple file selection:
you can delete multiple files,
you can select multiple file (n.b. if you select multiple files on stand alone mode it return a json list of urls, if you use editor with normal mode
return only the first file and if you use tinymce with responsivefilemanager plugin return all files on editor)
- you can disable mime type renaming on config
- blacklist extensions available on config
- fixed precompiled test on duplication
- rfm remember the last folder when return to filemanager
- added mime type .rar
- fixed folder permission to get config value
- fixed an error on folder renaming
- a lot of others bugs fixed

Changes in Version 9.12.2 (2018/01/26)

- fixed a security vulnerability (thanks to sashaptrw)
- fixed other minor problems

Changes in Version 9.12.1 (2017/10/26)

- fix FTP support
- fix problem with subfolder session

Changes in Version 9.12.0 (2017/10/10)

- fixed multiple security vulnerabilities (thanks to Ryan Dewhurst - BSc Ethical Hacking for Computer Security, CCNA)
- fixed lazy loading problems with a new plugin
- copy url without flash with clipboard.js
- removed java uploader and introduce new upload system with canucks part
- new upload method with jQuery-File-Upload
- removed viewer_js and substituted with google preview
- fix problem with url upload
- multiple files, folder upload permission also WITH RECURSIVE FOLDER UPLOAD
- fix the config.php inclusion on subfolders see CUSTOMISE CONFIGURATION FOR EACH FOLDER on documentation
- RTL stylesheet on repository (if you want to use simply include on dialog.php)
- you can now drop files/folders everywhere to upload

Changes in Version 9.11.0 (2017/02/05)

- fixed multiple security vulnerabilities (thanks to Wiswat Aswamenakul (Nick))
- url upload toggle
- fixed upload xml
- prettify improvement
- added cad preview
- other minor bug fixes

Changes in Version 9.11.0 (2016/10/26)

- fixed multiple security vulnerabilities (thanks to CERT-W and Davide Girardi from Outpost24)
- Add FTP beta support
- Upload from URL
- Add watermark on images
- fixed problem with some file type on upload
- fixed a problem with change language
- fixed a problem with rename
- fixed a problem with upload mine type
- fixed memory_error bool indicator
- add configuration to add &time to image to prevent chaching
- other fixes

Changes in Version 9.10.2 (2016/05/11)

- fixed Download of large file problem
- added pause resume download
- fixed problem with base_url function
- remember filter and sort after refresh
- remove set_time_limit call

Changes in Version 9.10.1 (2016/03/11)

- now you can pass available extensions list in url (ex. you can show only excel files)
- fixed a problem with php<5.3
- remember filter and sort after refresh
- added config toggle to show/hide filter buttons and language selection button
- fixed a problem when you click on namefile label (previously was equal to click two times)

Changes in Version 9.10.0 (2016/03/09)

- added total max size control to limit the size of all files into source folder (you can control it in config.php) (thanks to Stephane MERCIER)
- improved the error messages (thanks to Stephane MERCIER)
- update jplayer
- fixed a incorrect closing of upload modal
- fixed lowercase on convert_spaces active and add lower_case option on config.php
- add mimetype control on upload (ex. if i renane img.jpg to img.pdf and upload to filemananger the system check the time type and converte it to img.jpg)
- fixed permission error on files and folders
- other fix

Changes in Version 9.x.x (2013/11/21 - 2016/01/12)

Changes in Version 9.9.x (2015/03/16 - 2016/01/12)

Changes in Version 9.9.7 (2016/01/12)

- fixed pdf preview
- fixed a bug with session subfolder folder creation
- fixed a bug with folder creation
- fixed a problem with ie and allow_url_fopen server config
- fixed a problem with folder copy
- fixed a problem with relative folder url export
- fixed error 'TypeError: $ is not a function'
- fixed a problem with lang in query string
- fixed a problem with drag&drop on android

Changes in Version 9.9.6 (2015/08/18)

- fixed a security vulnerability (thanks to

- code refactoring removed thumb path to ajax calls

- improve file/folder permission layout and fixed a error

- fixed a problem with image editor

- added vitnamese language

Changes in Version 9.9.5 (2015/07/28)

- fixed a Adobe Creative SDK issue

- fixed a problem when you edit multiple image in the same session

- fixed a problem with security issue in some server configurations

- added maxSize config to Adobe Creative SDK export image (default now is 1400)

Changes in Version 9.9.4 (2015/07/18)

- Upgrade Aviary Image Editor with new Adobe Creative SDK without size limitation

- Add files and folders counter on each folder

- Fixed a problem with folder selection on relative url

Changes in Version 9.9.3 (2015/04/28)

- Fixed the problem with undefined windowParent

- Fixed a problem with selection on CKeditor

- Add bootstrap modal default support

Changes in Version 9.9.2 (2015/03/20)

- added file selection directly from dropzone upload area (you can now select file directly after upload)

- folder selection in context menu (you can now select also a folder)

- responsive filemanager modal open on tinyMCE (the dimension of modal depend on window dimension)

- utf8 translitteration fix

Changes in Version 9.9.1 (2015/03/18)

- fix with drop zone

- fix with bootstrap responsive inclusion

- fix with aviary save

- fix of stand alone version selection

Changes in Version 9.9.0 (2015/03/16)

- add compatibility with CKEditor (thanks to dennis.buijs)

- fix ordering and filtering bugs (in js and php)

- Refactoring of configuration and language files (thanks to rkgrep)

- updated libraries via bower dependency management (thanks to rkgrep)

- added Assets compilation via gulp for developing (thanks to rkgrep)

- added Hebrew lang (thanks to sagie212)

- improve image preview

Changes in Version 9.8.x (2014/10/28 - 2014/11/25)

Changes in Version 9.8.1 (2014/11/25)

- add compatibility with free full resolution with aviary image editor

- convert all include(); with include ‘’;

- fix a problem with lowercase automatically change

Changes in Version 9.8.0 (2014/10/28)

- add pdf, openoffice files preview with customized viewer.js

- add other office file preview with google preview

- fixed ordering bug

- improve layout style

- add copy to clipboard button on show url dialog

- fixed a bug when download a file

- fixed a bug in relative path images creation

- adding custom convert_spaces [by fungio]

Changes in Version 9.7.x (2014/09/04 - 2014/09/17)

Changes in Version 9.7.3 (2014/09/17)

- Fix a problem with lazy load and filters

- add option to remember text filter in session

Changes in Version 9.7.2 (2014/09/11)

- Fix a layout bug changing layout and improve style

- Add touch devices compatibility for drag&drop

- Relative URL-s can be returned when selecting files from the filemanager: a 'relative_url' GET parameter should be added to the request with a value of "1" when opening RFM. Otherwise returned URL-s will be absolute.

Changes in Version 9.7.1 (2014/09/06)

- Improve drag & drop : now work without refresh and work also the move to back folder

- Improve style and icons

Changes in Version 9.7.0 (2014/09/04)

- Feature lazy loading

- Add CALLBACK function call after update a field

- Correct MIME type on download page

- Fix error with preview of text file

- Remove loading bar

Changes in Version 9.6.x (2014/06/26 - 2014/08/14)

Changes in Version 9.6.1 (2014/08/14)

- all file/folder box clickable

- other bugfix

Changes in Version 9.6.0 (2014/06/26)

- Crossdomain feature

- Add in config.php a option to replace all spaces with _

- Encoding of Export URL

- Code refactoring


See changelog on github for specifications

Changes in Version 9.5.x (2014/06/10)

Changes in Version 9.5.0 (2014/06/10)

- File permission changing

- Language Changing

- View/edit/create text files

- add image resize option on config

- Fixes

- Code cleanup


Changes in Version 9.4.x (2014/04/02 - 2014/05/15)

Changes in Version 9.4.1 (2014/05/03)

- fixed a problem with old thumbnails on renaming

- show url of a file in context menu in all files and folder

- fixed the problem in remembering last folder position

- add greek and chinese lang

- fixed a problem with media player

Changes in Version 9.4.0 (2014/04/02)

Special thanks for this upgrade to Miklós Bencze Mikeyhun

- Cut/copy/paste support
- Drag&drop support
- Few new icons
- Code refactor
- Bugfixes

- Cut/copy/paste
You can configure the actions in config.php file and disable/ limit them if needed.
When right clicking on a folder/file there will be options for copy and cut
(and paste if files on clipboard and righ clicked on a file)
There's icon for paste to this dir and clear clipboard after the 'new dir' icons
They will grey out if there's nothing on the clipboard.

- Drag&drop
Now you can drag n drop files/folders to other folders
(this will overwrite existing files if encountered any!)

- Icons
Added new icons for the new functions
All are legit made by me or get from free icon sites

- Code Refator
- Added bunch of comments and change a lot of codes.

- Changed all $_SESSION vars to be in a separet array
eg.:$_SESSION["verify"] -> $_SESSION['RF']["verify"]
So now there won't be any problem with big projecfts integrating RF

- Added the lang file url to $_SESSION['RF']['language_file']
Now it can be included easily

- Added a lot of new lang. lines and feedback info
New lines added to every language (in english) so translation can go smoothly
(There are places where i added %s to lang lines which will be swapped with an action name
, commented out what will be inserted at runtime)

- Added timeout when closing upload tab

- Bugfixes
- Corrected issue #69 Dropzone spritemap.png problem
Now when loading a language it will search for the appropiate spritemaps.
If none found will fallback to english
All spritemaps should follow the language code naming eg:
For hu_HU:

(might consider moving them in a separte folder in the future)

- Fixed issue #71 The uploaded file exceeds the max size allowed
Now when uploading it properly check for max post size
It is dealt with in config.php after definning the max upload size and if it's bigger
than server's ini it will revert it back to it.

Changes in Version 9.3.5 (2014/03/15)

  • small bug fix
  • security issue fix
  • update someone languages files

Changes in Version 9.3.x (2013/11/21 - 2014/02/19)

Changes in Version 9.3.4 (2014/02/19)

  • small bug fix

Changes in Version 9.3.3 (2014/01/22)

  • updated all plugins
  • resolve a drag&drop bug with chrome
  • removed preview for not compatible images

Changes in Version 9.3.2 (2014/01/14)

  • increment compatibility with korean language [neophylon]
  • updated script to support also allow_url_fopen disabled [Cari D. Burstein]

Changes in Version 9.3.1 (2013/12/28)

  • video and audio html5 pattern on responsivefilemanager tinymce plugin
  • automatic base_url variable on config.php
  • fix error on delete folder with . on name
  • remove possibility to insert ' " \ / characters in files and folders name
  • fix images preview with spaces

Changes in Version 9.3.0 (2013/11/21)

  • resolved a problem that could cause a block with large images
  • all UTF8 characters are now permitted in file and folder names, e.g. arabian, chinese and accents
  • add transliteration in config variables
  • resolved the problem that if you duplicate an image and then edit the duplicate, the new image would overwrite the original
  • if a file name already exists the newly uploaded file is now renamed 'name_number' and not 'name-[number]'
  • improved layout of filemanager
  • resolved the problem that if you click on audio or video files when filemanager is opened with type=0 it would not load the preview but block the filemanager

Changes in Version 9.2.x (2013/10/26 - 2013/10/29)

Changes in Version 9.2.1 (2013/10/28)

  • restoration of lightbox images preview
  • on click to image in no-action mode (dialog.php&type=0) do lightbox preview

Changes in Version 9.2.0 (2013/10/26)

  • added files duplication feature
  • fixed all problem with special characters
  • fixed other bugs
  • replaced lightbox with bootbox to reduce the number of script included and increase the speed
  • improve layout

Changes in Version 9.1.x (2013/09/23 - 2013/10/11)

Changes in Version 9.1.4 (2013/10/11)

  • fixed some bugs, especially regarding java uploader
  • fix compatibility with strange char

Changes in Version 9.1.3 (2013/10/04)

  • fixed some bugs
  • improve compatibility with russian, bulgarian, greek, armenian, georgian, hebrew, arabic languages (thanks to V.)

Changes in Version 9.1.2 (2013/10/01)

  • fixed a js bug on renaming
  • added possibility to create icons themes
  • added ico_dark theme (you can see on demo at NEW DARK THEME folder)

Changes in Version 9.1.1 (2013/09/30)

  • fixed a problem in selecting after sorting
  • fixed a bug in select audio file in multimedia dialog

Changes in Version 9.1.0 (2013/09/23)

  • new amazing layout
  • added compatibility with uppercase filename and extension
  • fixed other bug
  • memory use limit control thanks to Ceasar Feijen

Changes in Version 9.0.x (2013/09/15 - 2013/09/20)

Changes in Version 9.0.5 (2013/09/20)

  • added image editor toggle in config.php
  • fixed ie problems

Changes in Version 9.0.4 (2013/09/18)

  • added loading bar toggle in config.php
  • change loading bar position
  • fixed an error on dialog.php

Changes in Version 9.0.3 (2013/09/17)

  • security bub fixed thanks to Dmitry Kurilo

Changes in Version 9.0.1-9.0.2 (2013/09/16)

  • fixed small bug

Changes in Version 9.0.0 (2013/09/15)

  • Amazing new layout with new flat icons
  • Added link to Aviary image editor in contextual menu, the best image editor in the world (free for 800x800px resolution)
  • Added possibility to create multiple thumbnails for external use both inside (relative path) and outside (fixed path) the upload folder, they are also updated on renaming, deleting, and editing
  • Added support for zip,tar,gz files decompression
  • Fixed a lot of security bugs (you must download this version) thanks to Dmitry Kurilo
  • Add https compatibility
  • Fix all files when they are loaded externally via ftp client
  • Add show url button in contextual menu of each file
  • The config/config.php is the first file included in all filemanager files for cms customisation
  • Eliminates all path configuration problems (provided correct path is set in config.php file)
  • Removed critical error when loading corrupted images
  • Fixed various other bugs
Others Version Changelog

Easy to Install

Simple to install and customise with a lot of configurations.

Web Standard usage

HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, PHP.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful flat responsive design with Bootstrap.

Easy to Use

Is very simple to use for all users .

Upload files with a simple drag & drop or with JAVA applet without size limitation

Use as stand-alone file manager, as TinyMCE, CKEditor or CLEditor plugin or as crossdomain

Built to modern web standards using Bootstrap with responsive layout

Each folder can have different configuration and permissions

Many customisation parameters such as Automatic resizing of uploaded images, Optional limiting of image dimensions, Files allowed lists

Swipe action to show buttons on touch devices

Automatic creation of thumbnails and Automatic realignment of thumbnails after external changes

Compatibility with older browsers (e.g. IE )

Full preview of uploaded images, videos and audios

Personalisation of every operating permission

Instantaneous file type and text filters

Multi-user use support (Different roots for every user)

Awesome graphics and three different file viewing options

Localization in many languages

Instantaneous files list sorting through many parameters

Edit images with Aviary image editor

If you like my work... please give me a donation to support the project

or donating at
"all great things are simple" (Winston Churchill).
responsive filemanager file uploading

file uploading

responsive filemanager list files view

list files view

responsive filemanager preview box layout

preview box layout

responsive filemanager grid files view

grid files view

responsive filemanager multiple colums list view

multiple colums list view

responsive filemanager tinymce integration

tinymce integration


  1. Upload the 'filemanager' folder where you want in your server (in the example is on root).
  2. Create a folder for your uploaded files and give it write permission (766).
  3. Open filemanager/config/config.php and edit the settings (read config.php parameters setting paragraph). Save file.
  4. Subscribe to to get a free app key at My Apps
    NB Aviary Editor only works online; it won't work on localhost!!
  5. Great! Your work is finished!

PS If you don't see the preview images you need to give write permission to the thumbs folder.
If you are updating from a previous version of FileManager delete the contents of thumbs folder, the script will automatically re-create the thumbnails.

!IMPORTANT: if you are using htaccess protection, make sure your $GLOBALS PHP_AUTH_USER/PHP_AUTH_USER are defined in your webserver config
Required in php.ini: extension=fileinfo

Using Responsive File Manager in ASP.NET MVC

Matt Gordon writed this usefull article:

Using Responsive File Manager in Joomla

Mihalis Miliarakis writed this usefull article:


  • Copy tinymce/plugins/responsivefilemanager folder to tinymce/plugins/ in your server
  • Settings of tinymce should be like this: (remember to add responsivefilemanager in plugins list):
        selector: "textarea",theme: "modern",width: 680,height: 300,
        plugins: [
             "advlist autolink link image lists charmap print preview hr anchor pagebreak",
             "searchreplace wordcount visualblocks visualchars insertdatetime media nonbreaking",
             "table contextmenu directionality emoticons paste textcolor responsivefilemanager code"
       toolbar1: "undo redo | bold italic underline | alignleft aligncenter alignright alignjustify | bullist numlist outdent indent | styleselect",
       toolbar2: "| responsivefilemanager | link unlink anchor | image media | forecolor backcolor  | print preview code ",
       image_advtab: true ,
       filemanager_title:"Responsive Filemanager" ,
       external_plugins: { "filemanager" : "/filemanager/plugin.min.js"}

    You can pass this variables on TinyMCE init.
    filemanager_title the title of filemanager window default="Responsive filemanager"
    filemanager_sort_by: the element to sorting (values: name,size,extension,date) default=""
    filemanager_descending: descending ? or ascending (values=1 or 0) default="0"

    If you want full path url in tinyMCE paths you can add relative_urls: false on tinyMCE init (read tinyMCE Configuration page)
    external_filemanager_path and external_plugins path must be absolute from root and must point to filemanager folder not responsivefilemanager plugin folder
  • Change the path in your tinymce init function in external_filemanager_path and external_plugins (the path must be a absolute path from base_url of your site and must start with / so in this example i have the filemanager folder in
If you are updating from older version (from 1 to 7) substitute your tinyMCE with new or download only the image/media/link originals folders and copy in your tinyMCE plugin folder


Copy the filemanager folder where you want in your server

Add a textarea inside your page

<textarea name="editor-ckeditor" id="editor-ckeditor" rows="10" cols="80"></textarea>

Include CKeditor library ans add the init script of CKEditor:

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/ckeditor/ckeditor.js"></script> <script> CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor-ckeditor' ,{ filebrowserBrowseUrl : 'filemanager/dialog.php?type=2&editor=ckeditor&fldr=', filebrowserUploadUrl : 'filemanager/dialog.php?type=2&editor=ckeditor&fldr=', filebrowserImageBrowseUrl : 'filemanager/dialog.php?type=1&editor=ckeditor&fldr=' }); </script> The urls must point inside your filemanager folder so change they properly.
If you want pass other config variables in the url (like language) please see the below "Get Variables list" paragraph.


  • download jquery.cleditor.rfm.js file from here
  • include this file after jquery.cleditor.min.js in your web site
  • call $.cleditor.set_rfm(path) function to set path to Responsive filemanager root directory where dialog.php exists e.g. $.cleditor.set_rfm('libs/responsivefilemanager');
  • and that is all, click on "Insert Image" toolbar button, browse for image(RFM), select image, Submit, and now you have image in you cleditor.

Thanks to Zoran Cindori for this plugin


You can use normal pop-up, Bootstrap modal, iframe, FancyBox iframe, Lightbox iframe to open the FileManager with these paths:

Only open filemanager(type=0 and not set field_id):
path to filemanager../filemanager/dialog.php?type=0&fldr=

Select Image: (type=1 and set id of input text in field_id variable):
path to filemanager../filemanager/dialog.php?type=1&field_id=fieldID

Select Video: (type=3 and set id of input text in field_id variable):
path to filemanager../filemanager/dialog.php?type=3&field_id=fieldID

Select File: (type=2 and set id of input text in field_id variable):
path to filemanager../filemanager/dialog.php?type=2&field_id=fieldID

Get Variables list
type: the type of filemanager (1:images files 2:all files 3:video files)
fldr: the folder where i enter (the root folder remains the same). default=""
sort_by: the element to sorting (values: name,size,extension,date) default=""
descending: descending? or ascending (values=1 or 0) default="0"
lang: the language code (ex: &lang=en_EN). default="en_EN"
relative_url: should be added to the request with a value of "1" when opening RFM. Otherwise returned URL-s will be absolute. extensions: a json encoded array of available files extensions (ex: &extensions=["pdf",'doc'])

If you want use popup add in the address &popup=1

PS If you want to force loading at root set fldr to /

In demo page i used FancyBox with this configuration:

	'width'		: 900,
	'height'	: 600,
	'type'		: 'iframe',
        'autoScale'    	: false

and the button has this code to open FileManager:

<a href="js/tinymce/plugins/filemanager/dialog.php?type=0" class="btn iframe-btn" type="button">Open Filemanager</a>

Remember to include FancyBox, file in head section:

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.css" media="screen" />
<script type="text/javascript" src="fancybox/jquery.fancybox-1.3.4.pack.js"></script>

If you not use FancyBox, you must use the callback function to close the window
or change the close function in filemanager/js/include.js:

function close_window() {
In last version i added the default support to bootstrap modal close

CALLBACK FUNCTION CALL after update a field

If you want change something on returned url after RFM click on a file; you can define the responsive_filemanager_callback function like this example:

function responsive_filemanager_callback(field_id){
	var url=jQuery('#'+field_id).val();
	alert('update '+field_id+" with "+url);
	//your code


In config.php there is a part reserved to security pass


if set to true only those will access RF whose url contains the access key(akey) like:
< input type="button" href="../filemanager/dialog.php?field_id=imgField&lang=en_EN&akey=myPrivateKey" value="Files">

in tinymce a new parameter added: filemanager_access_key:"myPrivateKey" example tinymce config: tiny init ...

filemanager_title:"Filemanager" ,
filemanager_access_key:"myPrivateKey" ,

In addition to this simple implementation there isn't security, because every php files include first config/config.php file.

So if you want to permit access only to a logged users you can add all the controls at beginning of config.php file.


With standard configuration responsive filemanager accepts all type of characters for file and folder names (like à é & ¥..., arabian, Chinese), if you want permits only latin charachters like A....Z a....z and 0....9, you can set to true the $transliteration variable on config.php .


You can set a subfolder as root.
So you can have a root folder for each user.

The way to implement this is set the session variable $_SESSION["RF"]["subfolder"] ="subfolder/name/"

Remember that subfolder value must not have ../ ./ . inside and can't begin with /

Folder Example:

-- folder1
---- subfolder1
---- subfolder2
-- folder2

User1 subfolder=""
-- subfolder1
-- subfolder2
-- subfolder3

User 2 subfolder="folder1"

So if you want use filemanager in a multiuser CMS you can simply create a folder for each user and set a session variable ($_SESSION['RF']['subfolder']) with the name of the user folder.


In Responsive FileManager you can customise the config.php for each folder.
Simply create a config.php file inside your desired folder, and set the config array only with the element do you need to change. (Don't change current_path,upload_dir,base_url,root).

You can also include an HTML text in the display folder page by simply inserting : 'folder_message'=>"html message" inside the config.php file in the folder.
You can use this to specify restrictions or images resizing.

Remember that the configuration of one folder is reflected in all its subdirectories.



To enable cross-domain file selector, where files are hosted on one server (for example, and URL is being sent to another (for example,, include crossdomain=1 in the URL.

For example, to instantiate image picker, use the following URL:[path to filemanager]/filemanager/dialog.php?type=1&field_id=fieldID&crossdomain=1

Then on, the following code can be used to retrieve the URL after file selection is made. Please note, that the code is written for jQuery with FancyBox plug-in.

// Handles message from ResponsiveFilemanager
function OnMessage(e){
  var event = e.originalEvent;
   // Make sure the sender of the event is trusted
   if( === 'responsivefilemanager'){

	// Delete handler of the message from ResponsiveFilemanager
	$(window).off('message', OnMessage);

// Handler for a message from ResponsiveFilemanager
  $(window).on('message', OnMessage);


There is extra parameter needed filemanager_crossdomain when calling tinymce.init(), please see below.

   filemanager_crossdomain: true,
   external_plugins: { "responsivefilemanager" : "http://path/secondaryserver/filemanager/plugin.min.js"},


There is examples on demo page


This is all parameters that you can change in config.php files

Parameters stored only in config/config.php file

Parameter Example Value Description
base_url base url of site (without final /). if you prefer relative urls leave empty.
upload_dir /uploads/ address path from base_url to base of upload folder (with start and final /).
current_path ../uploads/ relative path from filemanager folder to upload folder (with final /).
thumbs_base_path thumbs/ relative path from filemanager folder to thumbs folder (with final /). NB thumbs folder must not reside in the upload folder.

Parameters that you can override in all config.php files inside folders

Parameter Example Value Description
MaxSizeUpload 100 Max size upload limit in Mb.
default_language en_EN default language file name.
icon_theme ico the theme of icons. choose ico or ico_dark or you can cusatomize just putting a folder inside filemanager/img
file_number_limit_js 500 the filter and sorter are managed through both javascript and php scripts. If you have a lot of files in a folder the javascript script wil not cope, so the filemanager then switches to the php script. The plugin automatically switches from javascript to php when the folder contains more than the specified number of files.
show_sorting_bar true show or hide the sorting feature.
show_folder_size true show or hide the folder size in filemanager list view (very large folders greatly increase the calculation time).
transliteration false active or deactive the transliteration (mean convert all strange characters in A..Za..z0..9 characters).
Images configuration
image_max_width, image_max_height 800 these parameters set maximum pixel width and/or maximum pixel height for all images. if you set a maximum width or height, oversized images are converted to those limits. Images smaller than the limit(s) are unaffected. if you don't need a limit set both to 0.
image_resizing false activate or not Automatic resizing. if you set image_resizing to true the script converts all uploaded images exactly to image_resizing_width x image_resizing_height dimension.
image_resizing_width, image_resizing_height 800 these parameters set the dimensions of the resized image. if you set width or height to 0 the script automatically calculates the other dimension. NB Very large images may cause the script to fail unless the server's php memory and time limit configuration is modified.
Layout configuration
default_view 0 set the Default layout setting. ( 0 => boxes, 1 => detailed list (1 column) , 2 => columns list (multiple columns depending on the width of the page)).
ellipsis_title_after_first_row true if true the filename will be truncated if it runs beyond a single row.
Permissions configuration
delete_files true allow or disallow file deletion.
create_folders true allow or disallow folder creation.
delete_folders true allow or disallow folder deletion.
upload_files true allow or disallow file uploading.
rename_files true allow or disallow file renaming.
rename_folders true allow or disallow folder renaming.
duplicate_files true allow or disallow files duplication.
Allowed extensions (this differentiation corresponds to the type filter)
ext_file 'pdf', 'doc' allowed file extensions
ext_img 'jpg', 'jpeg' allowed image file extensions.
ext_video 'mov', 'mpeg' allowed video file extensions.
ext_music 'mp3', 'm4a' allowed audio file extensions.
ext_misc 'zip', 'rar' allowed archive file extensions.
Aviary configuration
aviary_active true show or not show image editor button on context menu.
aviary_key 1234567890 key available on account.
aviary_secret 1234567890 secred key available on account.
aviary_version 3 version of aviary.
aviary_language en language of aviary (see aviary documentation to choose).
Hidden files and folders
hidden_folders "hidden_folder1", "hidden_folder2" set the names of any folders you want hidden. Remember: all folders with these names will be hidden (you can set any exceptions in config.php files in folders).
hidden_files "this_document.pdf", "that_image.jpg" set the names of any files you want hidden. remember these names will be hidden in all folders.
JAVA upload
java_upload true enable or disable java applets uploads
JAVAMaxSizeUpload 200 donparameter
Thumbnail for external use creation
New image resized creation with fixed path from filemanager folder after uploading (thumbnails in fixed mode).
If you want create images resized out of upload folder for use with external script you can choose this method, You can create also more than one image at a time just simply add a value in the array.
Remember than the image creation respect the folder hierarchy so if you are inside source/test/test1/ the new image will create at path_from_filemanager/test/test1/
PS if there isn't write permission in your destination folder you must set it
relative_image_creation false activate or not the creation of one or more image resized with relative path from upload folder
fixed_path_from_filemanager array('','') array of relative path of the image folder from the current position on upload folder
fixed_image_creation_to_append, fixed_image_creation_name_to_prepend array('','') name to append/prepend on filename
fixed_image_creation_width, fixed_image_creation_height array(0,0) width/height of image (you can leave empty if you set the other dimension)
New image resized creation with relative path inside to upload folder after uploading (thumbnails in relative mode).
With Responsive filemanager you can create automatically resized image inside the upload folder, also more than one at a time just simply add a value in the array.
The image creation path is always relative so if i'm inside source/test/test1 and I upload an image, the path start from here
fixed_image_creation false activate or not the creation of one or more image resized with fixed path from filemanager folder
relative_path_from_filemanager array('','') array of fixed path of the image folder from the current position on upload folder
relative_image_creation_to_append, relative_image_creation_name_to_prepend array('','') name to append/prepend on filename
relative_image_creation_width, relative_image_creation_height array(0,0) width/height of image (you can leave empty if you set the other dimension)


- AZE [Elshad Agayev]
- BGR [Stanislav Panev]
- BRA [paulomanrique]
- CAT [Manel Peña]
- CHN [Vu Doan Thang]
- CZE [jlusticky]
- DAN [Morten Hesselberg Grove]
- ESP [Roberto Santamaria]
- FRA [Mathieu Ducharme]
- GER [Oliver Beta]
- GRC [vkouvelis]
- Hebrew [sagie212]
- HUN [Novak Szabolcs]
- IND [urayogi]
- JPN [Vu Doan Thang]
- LTU [Tomas Norkūnas]
- MON [Tumenzul Batjargal]
- NLD [Martijn van der Made]
- NOR [Pål Schroeder]
- Persian [web2web esf ir]
- POL [Michell Hoduń]
- POR [Sérgio Lima]
- RUS [vasromand]
- SLO [Roman Šovčík]
- SVN [Peter Benko]
- SWE [Jon Sten]
- TUR [Ahmed Faruk Bora]
- THA [ณัฐพงษ์ สารคณา]
- VIE [chiendv]
- UKR [Sergey]


Changes in Version 8 (2013/08/30 - 2013/09/07)

Changes in Version 8.1.2 (2013/09/10)

  • fixed other issues

Changes in Version 8.1.1 (2013/09/07)

  • fixed all issues

Changes in Version 8.1 (2013/09/04)

  • audio e video preview [thanks to Aniello Martuscelli for contribution]
  • pre-loading bar and percentage until all image loaded
  • remember sorting selection
  • other layout and uploading bug fixed

Changes in Version 8.0.2 (2013/09/02)

  • fix an 8.0.1 upload bug
  • add default sorting option
  • minification of all files and filemanager folder cleaning
  • js sorting split between folders and files

Changes in Version 8.0.1 (2013/08/31)

  • simplification of the installation procedure
  • compatibility with PHP versions < 5.3
  • fix in use of subfolder session variable

Changes in Version 8 (2013/08/30)

  • use responsive filemanager as an external plugin (simpler installation and allows updating of TinyMCE without changing any of its plugin.min.js files). Special thanks to Jules Gravinese
  • amazing new direct button (TinyMCE plugin) to insert a file or image directly into the document
  • change .config files in config.php for windows server compatibility
  • add PHP sorting and filter script for huge folders. (the script automatically chooses which script to use)
  • context menu to show file details
  • sorting features in all layouts
  • add in config.php the option to truncate over-long file names and add an ellipsis
  • 24-hour retention of the last-opened layout using a cookie
  • change to bootbox alert
  • thumbs folder path customization
  • disabled right click out of files boxes
  • tested in windows apache server
  • fix various bugs and bad code
  • improve security

Changes in Version 7.3 (2013/08/20 - 2013/08/26)

Changes in Version 7.3.2 (2013/08/26)

  • fix bug in internet explore 9/10 and old browser

Changes in Version 7.3.1 (2013/08/24)

  • Update plugins for TinyMCE 4.04
  • Minified plugin.min.js

Changes in Version 7.3 (2013/08/20)

  • all windows prompt and confirm change to bootbox modal
  • add info button
  • minor bugs fix

Changes in Version 7.2 (2013/08/13)

  • improved layout and security
  • add file information in List view (size, image dimensions, modification date, file type)
  • add real-time sorting in List view
  • minor bugs fix

Changes in Version 7.1 (2013/08/11)

  • Real-time Text filter
  • New upload method through Java applet without size limitation (Java Multiple File Upload Applet (JUpload) takes care of the limitation posed by traditional HTML upload forms by allowing you to upload a whole directory and the files within it with a single click)
  • Parsing special characters in all file/folder name
  • Incremental naming when identical files are uploaded
  • Automatic passing of image height and width in TinyMCE form (configurable on config.php)
  • All plugin.min.js file non-minified for customization
  • Add file and folder exclusion list in config.php files
  • Fix rename real-time bug
  • Fix all existing bugs
  • Customization of FileManager window title

Changes in Version 7.0 (2013/08/06)

  • Renaming of folders and files
  • Configuration parameters customisable for every folder
  • New file layouts: list view and column list view
  • Large Improvement in security
  • New license
  • Improved, completely responsive design
  • All bugs fixed (upload file with uppercase extension, folder creation,...)

Changes in Version 6

- Improve quality of images resizing using PHP Image Magician
- Automatic compatibility with popup by pass the popup GET variable
- Compatibility with Internet Explorer and old browser
- Fix delete bug
- Improve security
- Improve Responsive design
- New amazing flat interface
- Possibility to set subfolder as root
- Ajax files and folders cancellation
- Improve speed, code structure and image size optimization
- If image is smaller than thumbnail the file manager show the image centered
- TinyMCE link_list now is supported and plugin.min.js files aren't minimized [thanks to Pål Schroeder]
- Fix bug in file selection on subfolder and Other bug fix
- Mobile version with swipe event to show options

Changes in Version 5

- Stand-alone use of filemanager, you can open and select files also dividing them according to the type (video, images and all files)

Changes in Version 4

- Further simplify the installation steps
- Now thumbs folder is inside the file manager script
- Fix resizing bug, create folder possible bug
- AUTOMATIC Realignment of THUMBS tree and images if you upload file from other client FTP or other method
- Add loading animation while the image lightbox loading
- Add possibility to config size width or/and height image limits
- Add possibility to config automatic resizing and set only width or height size
- white background in png thumbs
- fallback upload for old browser
- fix folder delete bug

Changes in Version 3

- With this plugin you can also set automatic resizing of uploaded images.
- Moreover you can set the permits to delete files, folder and create folder.
- This version support advanced tab on image plugin
- For preview img in files list the plugin NOW create a thumbnail image with low resolution!!!
- Simplify the installation steps

Creative Commons License

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You can get the author's permission to use Responsive Filemanager for commercial websites by making a free donation on below paypal button

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